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Dri-Rod 12" Electric Dehumidifier Rod

Dri-Rod 12" Electric Dehumidifier Rod

Item # DRI-DR-12
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12-inch Dri-Rod Safe Dehumidifier Rod
Have a moisture problem inside your safe?
A Dri-Rod safe dehumidifier rod will fix that, keeping guns from rusting, documents from getting mildewed and valuables free from damage due to moisture. Just place this electrical dehumidifier rod inside your safe and rest assured that all will be well.

Here is a video on the dehumidifier rod

  • Good for up to 100 cubic feet
  • Ideal for: gun safes, cabinets, closets, electronic equipment, or anywhere moisture is a problem.
  • Includes a Dri-Rod Lifetime Warranty!
  • Only uses a low 7 watts of electricity
  • Cord is 72" (6 ft.) long

Dri-Rod Dehumidifier protects guns shotguns and cameras from moisture damage. it can handle the worst kinds of humidity problems to give your gun safe the perfect environment for storing valuable firearms. Your firearms will be continuously protected from rust and mildew


Hi my name is John Dean and I am with I want to show you a product we've been selling for years and we kind of forget about it sometimes, but it's a very important product particularly if you have a gun safe. It's a dehumidifying bar. Also in this case called a Dri-Rod, Dri-Rod is a brand name, we love 'em because they are made in the United States. They have a lifetime warranty, they are UL rated I mean it's like a no-brainer, and they are reasonable. What it does is, is it helps eliminate dampness, rust and mildew from the contents of your safe. Now you have to plug this into the wall but, every gun safe I know of has a hole in the back, designed for the plug. This comes with the plug detached so all you have to do is stick the cord through there and then it's got a little plug kit that you hook up and you attach the thing and it works very well. It also comes with two little feet that you can either snap them off and it's got little screw detents so you can screw this into your drywall or you can just snap it on and you can just lay it in the bottom on the bottom of your safe. Actually, I just throw it in the bottom of the safe, it has been there twenty years, and I haven't had a problem. No big deal. Anyway Wonderful product. You need to check it out if you have a gun safe particularly if you're in a moist area like if you live in a swamp buy two or buy a big one, they come in different sizes. Thank you very much, this is John Dean,

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Dri-Rod 12" Electric Dehumidifier Rod