AMSEC VD8030 Gun Safe Vault Door Installation Procedure
P.N. 4305092

  1. Remove the existing door (one to be replaced).
  2. Existing molding may remain in place. The Hinges may need to be removed from the door frame if they extend beyond the molding.
  3. Separate the Vaolt Door from it's Frame.
    1. To Remove the Door, remove the Hinge Cap, then punch the Hinge Pins up into the upper half of the Hinge. The Pin shoold protrude out of the top 1" to 1-1/2" in order to disengage from the Bottom half of the Hinge. Repeat this process for all three Hinges.
  4. Slide the Rear Frame into the existing door opening.
  5. Slide the Front Frame Assembly (less door) into place overlapping the Rear Frame.
  6. Clamp the Front and Rear Frames together using standard "C" clamps.
  7. To secure both frames, drill through the sides of the Rear Door Frame where they overlap the Front Door Frame, using the access holes in the Front Door Frame as a pilot. Note: Use a 1/4" dia. drill bit just to go through theRear Frame material. Use a 5/32" drill bit if a pilot hole in the door way frame is desired.
  8. Fasten the Door Frames in place with 1/4" x 3" long Hex Head Lag Screws, (4 in each side) by inserting them into the holes in the Frames and screwing them into the existing door way frame. Note: DO NOT tighten the Screwscompletely until the Vaolt Door is reinstalled on it's Hinges.
  9. Install the Vaolt Door on it's Hinges.
    1. Locate the Door on the Frame Hinges, then punch the Hinge Pins down into the lower half of the Hinge. The Pin shoold stop about 1/2" below the top edge of the Hinge. Repeat this process for all three Hinges. Replace the Hinge Caps.
  10. Adjust the centering of the Vaolt Door from side to side by the amount the screws in each side are tightened. Note: Do not tighten the screws to the point that the Frame bows and prevents the Vaolt Door from closing and lockingproperly.
  11. Cover the screw heads by installing the Black Plastic Caps into the large clearance holes. This will complete the installation.



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