Cannon Keypad Dial Light For Electronic Safe Locks

Cannon Keypad Dial Light For Electronic Safe Locks

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Safe Light
Electronic Locks


  • Easy push-button operation
  • Red LED light doesn't interfere with night vision
  • Two-minute lighting cycle
  • Magnetic attachment just above your safe lock
  • 3V Lithium battery is included
  • Over 750 lighting cycles per battery
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Is your safe stuck in a dark corner?

Don't want to turn on the light and wake up your spouse just to open your safe? Is it the middle of the night and you hear something in the house and need to get your safe open fast without turning on a light? Security Safe keypad dial light makes it easy to open your safe's electronic lock in the dark!

John Dean introduces the Security Safe Light for electronic safe locks

Video Transcript

My name is John Dean, with Dean safe and I want to show you a couple of brand spanking new products we got over the weekend. They sell like crazy, we just had them at a sale.

They're a safe light, they are actually for the outside of the safe. They attach to your safe magnetically, assuming you have a steel safe and they are ideal for a dial and they even work on a digital lock the difference is that the digital lock sits up a little higher.

Now what this does, you the push the button that has red light that pops on and it uses a little battery that is good for about seven hundred-fifty plus cycles. Probably will give you a thousand plus. The light stays on for two minutes and assists you in dialing open the lock.

Let me give you a quick demonstration I am going to go into a darker room and turn the lights out. Fun. On a dial lock even if the light is dim you cannot see these numbers, you can not spin this dial.

You hit the little button and the light goes on all of a sudden you have access to your safe, you have access to your safe for two minutes with a good red light that will not affect your night vision. It will allow you to open your safe up, two minutes should be plenty of time.

It works well with pretty much any type of dial lock, I've got a couple of hundred safes here and it works on all of them.

Let me show you how the digital lock works, too. Okay, now here we have it on a digital lock same thing you push the button you've got a red light, this works on pretty much every digital lock we found, it gives you a nice number display and you know what can take this thing off and you can go inside the safe with it and get your stuff out with it, if you don't have a light, and you don't have to turn on the lights.

Very stealthy, very cool.

This new Security Safe Light for electronic safe locks is the answer! It magnetically attaches just above your safe lock and allows enough light to open your safe without impairing night vision. The Security Safe Light is removable from its position and can be used as a mini flashlight to view the contents of your safe.

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