HDC11E Sentry Home Defense Center Video

Video Transcript:

Hi I am John Dean with Dean Safe Company and I am excited to show you a new safe that we just received from Sentry. It is called a corner safe, the model number is HDC11E, I believe. It is a great size for just one or two guns. It's 47" tall by 9" x 9"(I.D.), and it is designed to fit into the corner of a room or a closet. The thing just kind of blends in.

I want to show you some of the really cool features on this safe. The nice part about this type of a safe is that you can get into it very stealthily and very quickly. When you tap any one of the buttons the light comes on, now we will put our code, and I don't know if you can hear that, but it is really quiet, the code does not make any beeps, the bolts retracted, the handle fell down slightly.

You open it up and you have immediate access to your weapon, it's got a barrel containment system which I can show you more about later, you grab your gun and you are ready to go. This Sentry safe has some pretty darn tight tolerances here. And they have something which is pretty clever, I'm not quite sure how well you can see this, but this is bent here, that adds structural strength, but that alone is not enough to keep this highly pry resistant. What they have done is reinforced the channel. This bend which is on both sides, and the channel which is on both sides, is going to give you a lot of structural strength for something like this. I think they are really thinking overtime. I would also like to point out that this interior is adjustable, up to a point. If you have a little bit longer gun, you can move this containment system up or down, you can also move it in or out, it is adjustable. You have two slots for it, and you can raise your pistol thing up, if you have a little longer barrel, now, from where it is now, you are looking at 39-1/2.

If you move it to the next slot up, it is two inches higher, at 41-1/2" or if you pull it out all together, let's say if you have a long gun, it is 46-1/2" and it will be fine.

So we have a really nice rest for your pistol. And what is kind of neat about it is, that if you are right handed or left handed, you can move this around and put it on either side. I would also like to point out, that it has a very clever little secret compartment, right down here. And you can keep your ultra private stuff down in here. Your rifle sits right on top of it.

We have four buttons which light up. I will show you that in just a moment. This is the battery compartment, which opens up easily, it has four double A batteries, and maintains the combination when the batteries are dead. You have a key override, in case there are other issues. You have a nice soft pad here, that is just perfect for putting some of your stuff on it when you go to bed at night.

We just turned off some of our shooting lights so we could give you a better example of what this is going to look like at night. You hit any button and a blue light comes on. It is not too bright, it works just fine. Every indication gives you a green light, then it unlocks. It is that easy. One of the things that they have done which adds that little extra plus, is that they have given you a bolt down kit.

Now if you are going to put this in a corner, of course it is a corner safe, so you probably will. It is going to have two by fours in that corner. It is just the way homes are built. Now you have a little slot down in the bottom and you have one in the top as well. This bolt is designed to go through that. You also have a couple of washers here, and a few other little goodies to help you for different situations. But these also come with it. If you have molding and it keeps the back of the safe away from the wall, you put these in and what these will do is keep you about an inch away from the corner of the wall.

That should cover all molding available. And you have some really strong bolts. I think this is a really great little add on for this kind of safe. Putting your rifle back in is not a big challenge, you just set it down, and close it. Notice you have a wide door opening. I think a cleaver guy could probably figure out a way to get two or three rifles in here. You just close it down, turn the handle up, and it is locked, it is really nice. I think now why you can see why we are so excited about this little product. It has reached a new market segment we have never seen before. It is a good little product, if you would like more information, click on the link below. Thank you very much.


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