Best College Dorm Safe - Real Steel Refurbished

Best College Dorm Safe - Real Steel Refurbished
Best College Dorm Safe - Real Steel Refurbished
Best College Dorm Safe - Real Steel Refurbished
Best College Dorm Safe - Real Steel Refurbished

Best Dorm Safe
Real Steel
Vertical Design
Space Saver


  • External Dimensions: 20"h x 7"w x 14"d (Overall depth with door open: 20.5")
  • Internal Dimensions: 18.5" Overall Height
    • Height to first shelf 5.5"
    • Height to second shelf 9.5"
    • Height to third shelf 14"
    • Width: 6.5" (Usable shelf space 3.25")
    • Depth: 12"
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Security Cable
  • Opens with Pin Code or Card Swipe
  • Real Lock and Steel Bolts!
  • REFURBISHED UNIT at a Discount
Item # STL-Dorm-Safe
Sale Price:$199.99
You Save:50%
Interior Lighting:
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  • REFURBISHED - May have paint defects, packaging box will show signs of wear.
  • Designed for college dorm rooms or RVs where space is tight
  • Stops roommate theft -- no more replacing "missing" laptops!
  • Fits into closets or under desks
  • State-of-the-art electronic lock opens with your credit card or favorite PIN
  • Protects laptops (up to 18 inches)

Style and Function

  • Three lined shelves for iPhones, personal electronics and smaller valuables
  • Includes four bolt down holes - easy to bolt down if desired
  • Access holes in the back of the safe permit charging electronics while locked up
  • Rubber lining protects your stuff from scratches
  • Uses standard 9v battery
    • Replaceable from outside the safe
    • Battery not included

Most so-called dorm safes are just flimsy boxes with weak locks. This dorm safe saves floor space opens with a swipe of your credit card, and it's real steel. That's why we call it The Best Dorm Safe.

Stop Roommate Theft

If you're going off to college, you're probably heading there with a fair amount of expensive equipment: a laptop, a smartphone, an MP3 player -- maybe even a video camera. That stuff's not cheap, and you definitely don't want to trust it to a cheap dorm safe!

This unit is ready to protect your stuff. Custom-designed for dorm rooms, its solid steel and its vertical form-factor means it saves precious dorm space and will fit easily into a closet or under a desk. Yet it's roomy enough inside to fit the largest 18-inch laptops. (And its upright design means you don't have to get on your knees every time you want to grab your laptop!)

Its clever lock opens with your choice of your favorite PIN code or just a swipe of your credit card or driver's license. (It's important that it's quick and easy to operate -- otherwise you won't bother using it!) The safe attaches to a plate that can be bolted down to the floor to securely hold the safe, and all items within it, in place. And it boasts a full-length hinge that adds rigidity and helps protect contents from theft.

Another smart feature: two grommetted holes at the bottom rear of the safe enable you to create a "charging station" inside for all of your electronic devices. So you can recharge all your expensive equipment without worrying that someone will sneak into your dorm room and walk off with it!

Its vertical orientation allows for better use of the keypad at the top of the safe. It will easily hold up to an 18-inch laptop vertically and has a hole at the bottom back of the safe which allows a surge protector to be placed inside the safe for the student to charge any electrical items while placed in the safe. The side shelves allow for additional storage of passports, Ipods, Mp3 players, cameras, watches, jewelry and prescription drugs.

The electronic lock is powered by a 9V alkaline battery and when the battery becomes low, it signals the user to let them know it has to be changed. The battery is easily accessed at the bottom of the lock on the outside of the safe.

The best dorm safe costs more than a plastic box; that's true. But when you consider that it's much cheaper than replacing your laptop, I think it's a no-brainer.

Access your valuables easily in the dark

Interior Safe Light For Stealth Dorm Safe
Adding an interior safe light can add accessibility to your Dorm Safe. If you're planning to anchor your Dorm Safe underneath your bed or in your closet, it might be tricky to access the items in your safe at night without disturbing your roommate.
  • Fits perfectly on the roof or side of the safe, illuminating the entire safe
  • Bright, long lasting LED lights
  • Motion sensor activation
  • Manual on/off switch
  • Easy to install
  • AAA battery operated
*Please note that the light will be delivered separately.

Use a security cable just in case

Security Cable Included with Dorm Safe

Some colleges may have restrictions about securing things (like safes) to the floor of a dorm room.

Just in case, use the vinyl coated steel security cable included with your dorm safe as a way of making sure no one takes off with your safe with your property inside.

The Stealth Dorm Safe comes standard with a vinyl-coated steel cable that will secure your Dorm Safe to a pipe, bed leg, or other stationary object in your dorm room.

Hide your combination

Hide your combination

Afraid your nosey roommate is looking over your shoulder while you retrieve your wallet or laptop out of your Dorm Safe?

Press the * button before entering your code and your code will be hidden from the screen-- and your nosey roommate.

"Thanks. Installed safe with cable in daughter's closet. I used a small steel cable
to secure it to a water pipe. As a freshman in a college 10 hours away
and not knowing anyone, she feels much better having a place to keep
her computer, i-pad, cash, and jewelry secured when she is not in the room."

- Mike, Ashland, KY


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80 Min at 1775°


See Dietrich's review of his dorm safe

Dorm Safe Video Transcript
Hi, I'm John with Dean Safe. I just wanted to show you this dorm safe and some of the features. It turns out that this is the only safe that was actually designed specifically to go into a college dormitory. It also turns out that it works great in RVs, and under your desk, and a lot of situations where a conventional safe might not be quite as good.

I want to show you some of those features right now. One of the unique features oddly enough is the size. A lot of so-called dorm room safes are horizontal which means if you put them on the ground or bolt them onto the ground, you literally have to get onto your hands and knees or your belly to see what's inside. So this gives you a much better view. It also takes up less square footage. That's why it is so ideal to put into an RV, or into a dorm room, or under your desk.

The depth of this is 14 inches. It is the same depth as a [shelf] hanger is long. So it will go into a closet quite handily. If you can fit a hanger in there, this will fit in there. I think that's a pretty good feature.

I would like to show you the lock. The lock is unique, because it can be opened three different ways. One way is with the driver's license or a credit card, which is really kinda neat. That makes sure that you are the only one who can open it up - or at least the person with the credit card. You can also use a credit card and four digits, or you can just use four digits. You would hit one-two-three-four, hit your four digits which you are going to program in, and then it opens up.

I would like to point out that it takes a standard nine-volt battery, accessible from the outside. Which is much better then having it on the inside. If it is on the inside you always need a key to override it, or something to get into it. Keys can be lost, then you become vulnerable.

The inside has a lot of nice features. It has got some rubber coating on the floors of the three shelves, and on the edges, so you don't have any sharp edges to damage your good stuff.

You can see a whole lot of stuff. I have a 17-inch laptop in here. My favorite little laptop. It looks like it can actually, probably, fit a 19-inch laptop in there. You get three separate shelves to keep everything separated; put your passports, your credit cards, throw your purse in there, whatever you need to put in there.

You have instructions on the back on how to reprogram, because once you program, you probably tend not to do it for a while. You may forget how to do it, so it is always with you. Here is your programming button. You have two locking bars which come out.

You have a light interior, so it is not like you're looking into a cave. This makes it really handy, particularly if it is under a desk or if you have it in the closet.

I would also like to point out there are wire holes here, and the wire holes are are here for a couple reasons. You may want to charge your laptop or your camera, whatever else you have, while it is in the safe. You know the bad news about a laptops is that it they are portable - that is also the good news, they are portable, and they will take off. This way you can secure the product while you're putting some juice to it, which is really nice.

You can put a power strip in there and just leave it in there.

You can also secure it with cables. Could you hand me those cables over there. There is all kinds of stuff on the market, that actually works pretty good. Here is a little one by Master and you can run this around some pipes or whatever. There is all kinds, here is another one by Master. I actually use this a lot, I have one on my bicycle to keep my bicycle helmet secured.

There are some heavier duty cables, just in case you cannot bolt them down. Now the safe is actually designed to be bolted down. It does come with a bolt down plate and the plate is bolted into position, and this slides on, and is screwed on, and that locks it down. Because even though this is steel, it is not all that heavy, and somebody could pick it up and carry it off. So you do need to secure it. There is no doubt about that.

This plate cannot be accessed from the outside, only from the inside of the safe. So you are pretty safe there.

I just wanted to show you this product. If you're sending somebody away to school, this would be a great gift. It is more expensive than the plastic ones. But it is designed better; it has more features and it is stronger.

It is a good little unit. Thank you for watching.


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