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    CALL OUR SAFE EXPERTS AT 800-827-7534






    CALL OUR SAFE EXPERTS AT 800-827-7534

    Refurbished Stealth B1500 Heavy Duty Floor Safe



    • This safe had the slightest door rub which made it a little difficult to open the door from being dropped during shipping. The body has been bent so that the safe can smoothly open and all other components of the safe are brand new never used. The lock, Boltwork, detent and piston have all been tested and verified in perfect condition. The safe is located at 12990 Branford St Unit A, Arleta, CA 91331.


       External Dimensions  12 ½”L x 14 ½”W x 12 3/8”D
       Internal Dimensions  12”L x 14”W x 8 ½”D
       Weight  73 lbs
       Burglary Rating  B-Rate
      • Three 1” Solid Steel Locking Bolts
      • 1/2” Thick Steel Plate Door
      • 12 Gauge Steel Body
      • UL Listed High Security Electronic Lock
      • Strong Internal Hinge
      • 1/4” Thick Hard Plate & Internal Re-locker
      • Shock Assisted Door
      • Black Finish with Chrome Handle
      • Cover Plate Included
      • Made in USA

    • It’s great having all the security but what if a burglar can’t even find the safe then not be able to break into it?

      Fully encased in concrete on 5 out of 6 sides, floor safes offer maximum protection for your valuables. Hidden out of plain view, Stealth Floor Safes are the ideal choice for restaurants, gas stations, businesses and home owners.

      In regards to security, the Stealth B1500 is Burglary Rated due to its 1/2" thick steel plate door secured in place by three 1" solid steel locking bolts. With all other sides secured by concrete, 12 gauge steel and an internal hinge, this safe is near impenetrable and extremely pry resistant offering no real access points.

      On the face of the door lies a UL Approved NL Universal Lock UR-2020 High Security Electronic Lock and bold chrome handle. This lock is the most reliable lock in the safe industry assembled and tested in the USA. The lock is also protected by a 1/4" Thick Rockwell hard plate and a re-locker that will keep the bolts locked if a thief were to attempt a punch or drill attack.

      You can literally feel the weight in the door as you lift it proving the high levels of steel used for your security and Stealth also added an internal shock that helps lift the door open because it is so heavy. Once inside there is ample space for your valuables.

      Once you've finished placing or removing valuables and you begin to close the door, the bolt detent will click into place and lock the safe automatically for you.

      Please note: Floor Safes are not waterproof or fireproof and electronic locks will become damaged if your safe experiences a flood or fire. Mechanical locks will also experience issues from fire and water damage but have a better chance of opening without needing to drill or replace the electronic keypad. If you plan on using the safe infrequently, mechanical locks, even though they take longer to open are typically a better option as you never need to replace the batteries.

      While floor safes offer great security being easily hidden and surrounded by concrete, these same features also make them extremely susceptible to moisture problems inside the safe. Keeping papers and valuables inside zip lock bags and Tupperware help when experiencing a fire or flood, humidity will still seep inside causing mildew and corrosion. We strongly recommend using a Lockdown Silica Gel Can to absorb this moisture and keep your valuables safe. It's a small, rechargeable unit that has a color indicator letting you know it's full and needs to be renewed. You should open your safe (especially after initial installation) frequently to assess moisture and check the silica gel. How often the units need recharging depends on your climate and how often you are in your safe. For any questions regarding humidity and moisture, give us a call at 800-827-7534.

    • Electronic Lock Instructions


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