How to receive and inspect a gun safe

This video will show you how to receive and inspect a gun safe. It will show you what to look for and when not to sign the freight company's bill of lading.

Video Transcript:
Hi, I am Joe at Dean Safe, what we would like to show you today, is how to receive a safe properly. Let me go ahead and lower this down, because right now I am going to be playing the truck driver and the person who is receiving the safe. Always stand back from the lift gate because you do not want to get injured. Now as he is bringing it down one of the things you want to do, is do a visual inspection of the box. The safe leaves here in perfect condition.

Excuse me let me bring this down. Now the first thing you want to do is, of course, get rid of the pallet jack. Take a look around the unit, you want to inspect the cardboard, when it leaves here it is in perfect order. If you see any marks, dings or holes in the box at all, you want to open it up, and take a look at it. You have not signed your invoice at this time from the trucking company. What they want to do, is get you to sign real fast, so that you have no claim.

Go ahead and just take everything apart, remove the whole bag and everything, and just take a quick visual inspection. Now after you received your safe and have done a visual inspection of it, if you happen to find any marks, mars or dings at all, and you want to go ahead and keep the safe please make sure that they put it on the bill of lading, so that way if there's an issue later, you have something you can show, that you actually received it in that way.

Now always you're going to find your combination either on the top in an envelope or hanging on a card on the front. I actually like to physically test one before I take it in, the current combination on most digital locks is going to 1-2-3-4-5-6 or 1-2-3-4-5-6-# (pound or hash sign)

Take a look at the inside, make sure everything is okay, then make sure you sign your bill of lading and let your truck driver go.


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