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"Home Safes are the ideal choice for photographs, money, collectibles, medication, personal documents and other various small items. While many home safes look the same, they vary greatly in quality. Whether you want the best fire safe, the best burglary safe or a combination of the two, we've got you covered. Just like Gun Safes, you definitely get what you pay for with home safes. Read below for some handy tips and if you end up having any questions, just remember we have experts only a phone call away."

John Dean
Owner, Dean Safe

Fire Safes

Often referred to as fireproof safes, fire safes do exactly as they say and protect your valuables from fire. Simply put, they are a safe box with some form of insulation in the walls and door to keep the inside cool while the outside burns up. While most Fire Safe boxes have some form of locking bolts, they have no burglary rating, they are purely rated for fire. This means that your important documents will be kept out of the hands of kids and guests, but any burglar with tools will crack it open with ease. Our thousands of fireproof safe reviews have allowed us to refine our search to only the best fireproof safes.

Burglary and Fire Safes

Typically called home security safes, burglary and fire safes are classified as a UL Residential Security Container (RSC). UL is the most respected authority on safe ratings in the US and put these safes through rigorous tests to prove their worth. This type of security safe box is often considered the best home safe and for an example of a great large home safe, check out the Liberty Home Safe 8.

Anti-Theft Lock Boxes

While some companies will call these "safes", they really are just metal boxes with a lock on them. They have no burglary rating, no fire rating and are ideal for a hotel, guest room or office where security is not a real concern. Typically weighing less than 100 pounds, these boxes can easily be picked up and walked away with if they are not bolted down or secured with a security cable. These are not recommended for anything of value.

Fire Chests

Typically both fire and water resistant, fire chests provide the perfect extra level of protection for those REALLY important items. Often stored inside a fire rated safe, your items are near guaranteed to survive any fire when they are in both a fire chest and a fire safe. Check out this Sentry Fire Safe Chest, it's one of the best out there.

If you are looking for the best home safe selection that offers a fantastic fire and security rating, look to one of the following lines to give you the protection you need:

If you need a home or office safe, these safes will offer you the protection you require. If you are in doubt of exactly what kind of protection you need, check out our page on how to decide what protection you need in home safes.

Need a safe with an insurable rating for valuables totaling over $20,000? Check out our High Security Safe Selection.


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