How To: Move a safe, remove the pallet, and level it.

Video Transcript:
Now on a curbside delivery. You are not going to have the luxury of having a pallet jack, so we are not using that today.

What I would like to show you, is how to install this safe into your garage, because this is your average senario, it gets dropped off in your driveway, your truck driver has left, and you are left to do the rest of the work. So I am going to use an apparatus that you can probably get from your garage or your neighbor, a standard refrigerator dolly.

So what you want to do is line it up to the side push away from you on the top of safe and push in at the bottom at the same time, efficiently installing the refrigerator dolly.

Then what you want to do is come to the other side, what you do not want to do is push from the center, you do want to push from the top.

Pushing from the top makes the wheels catch, and you just go on with it, just like that. Now, that is really just as easy as it gets.

What I'd like to show you is how to get the refrigerator dolly out. Push up on the top, pull out on the bottom and you are clear.

Most manufacturers actually bolt their safes right to the pallet you are going to need a few tools. I like to have a pair of vice grips, phillips head, and or regular screwdriver, and at least a couple of sockets and a rachet.

Then what you want to do is inspect the inside and see exactly how it's done. Now when unbolting a safe from the pallet, I actually have a preference for taking the complete interior out, that way, it gives my body a little room to mess around inside. All of that of course could be reinstalled later.

On the interior, you usually find a little black covers where it is actually bolted to the pallet. What you want to do is uninstall every one they have. Now on the back holes you generally cannot reach around the safe, that is what the vice grips are for. On the inside loosen your screw, just a little bit, go to the back, go ahead and grab the nut.

Come back to the inside and start unscrewing. When you hear the vice grips hit, you are done. Now this little tidbit I am about to show you now, just in case you want to jump ahead is a very big no-no. A lot of safe doors don't stop at ninety degrees they go a full one hundred and eighty degrees. So that means they have an exterior hinge so if you pull the safe forward and the door hits the floor the door is going to pop off and the safe will fall on it's face.

But doing this in any way shape or form is a no-no because someone can get hurt. I would like to show you one of the many methods of getting a safe off the pallet.

One of my favorites is off the side. All of them will have a gap between the pallet and the safe, so if you put a crowbar in there, pull back, insert a roller bar; what I have here is a piece of three quarter inch, PVC, schedule 40, you don't need anything more sophisticated then that.

Drop it back about five or six inches and gently bring the unit back down. Go to the other side, just give a push, as soon as that first piece drops, what you want to do is, simply pull down on this edge, the unit will sit there all nice and pretty for you, come over here, push up, pull your pallet out, and you are down.

Now as you can see we are already, off the truck, off the pallet and flat on the ground. Now what I would like to show you is the easiest way to push it to the wall. If you push away from you just a little bit, you reduce the tension that is on the ground.

So then you push to the back so, you go up, and back. As you can see if you do it that way, it is relatively simple.

Just get it to the wall, where you want it.

Now after you get it on the ground, you want to check to see if it rocks, if it does you want to shim it, so it stops that. I am a big fan of these easy shims. They snap off one at a time and you can also break them off at any length that you want.

Simply push the unit back until you have got it square, then you want to insert this this down there like that, and that just stops the wobble all together.

And it's just that easy!


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