Gun Safe Delivery & Installation: Los Angeles, Ventura & Santa Barbara Counties

Why should Dean Safe deliver and install your gun safe?

Difficult installations are no problem for Dean Safe's installation teams.

Outside spiral staircase with gun safe on dolly

When it comes to moving a safe around, you better know your stuff. Our delivery team at Dean Safe definitely does. We can deliver and put in place every safe we sell, and we make it look easy, too!

But easy it not necessarily is. Our team works diligently and safely to make sure your safe is installed in the exact location you wish. We do not just drop the safe off curbside and leave you to worry about the rest. Our delivery guys will put the safe right where you want it, whether in the home, upstairs, in the garage, or in the back barn. You name a spot and we've probably put a safe there. They do this with the proper equipment designed for the job, as well as over 80 years of combined experience. Watching these guys work together is like poetry in motion.

There is very little for you to do in preparation for having your safe delivered and installed in your home, business, garage or other location.

To help us serve you in the best manner possible, simply follow these few guidelines:
  1. Have a clean, clear pathway from the entrance of your home to the final location of the safe.
  2. Remove or push to the side any furniture or obstacles that might interfere with passage of the safe, the equipment and our personnel through any room or hallway.
  3. Remove all loose throw or area rugs that may lie in the pathway. This is a sure way to trip up both our equipment and our guys.
  4. If we are putting the safe into a small contained area (like a closet), please make sure that all articles are removed from this site (or at least pushed completely to the side).
  5. At the time of the sell, our sales personnel will ask many questions regarding the delivery situation. This is to ensure that our delivery team will have everything they need to do the job quickly and correctly. Please answer as completely as possible, i.e. there are two steps up the front porch, or we will be going over tile, carpet or wood, the safe is going into a closet, etc. This can avoid having to reschedule for a second trip.

Dean Safe's delivery team can also bolt your safe to a concrete slab, which we recommend in almost all situations. Whether the safe is small and relatively light-weight, or huge and extremely heavy, it is always safest to bolt the safe to the foundation. Keep in mind that we can only bolt into concrete - no raised foundations, second floor bolting and no "post-tension" slabs.

Delivery of your safe by Dean Safe is a service we proudly offer our customers. Our "white-glove" approach will leave you impressed that you had our experienced team handle this job for you. Why, the cost of the delivery is probably less than all those trips to the chiropractor you will need by trying to do this yourself without the proper equipment!

Let us take care of this for you and rest assured that the job will be done correctly, safely and quickly.


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