HDC11E Home Defense Center Follow Up Video

Video Transcript:

Hi this is John, with Dean Security, again on the home defense center by Sentry Safes. We got a huge amount of responses on this, particularly in the last video the review video when I put out a challenge, that clever guy could figure out a way to get more rifles in here.

Well, I want to show you one of the ideas that one of the guys came up with, on a product that we handle. Right now it is set up for quick access for one weapon, one-gun and a pistol. This is going to change all that. It is very simple what we have to do, let me get around here is going to pull this out, I have already messed with this a little bit to help that get out, find someplace to put this.

Actually this is going to be so easy, I would not even call it a project. We are adapting products called Rifle rods; we sell them in a six-pack, a ten pack, and a twenty pack. The six-pack does not have the loop version of the Velcro which the ten and twenty pack does, it has a large sheet of it. No big deal, we just slapped up a little bit of Velcro, so you could take a look at it, I got the camera way down low, so we could look up on this, and you can see, I put some white Velcro in here, so it is easy to see. This has the hook portion of the Velcro and you can put these rifle rods wherever you think it might do you most good.

What we are going to do, is we are going see if we can get three, even four weapons in this. Okay, this is a winner I can tell right off the bat. I just slapped a couple of rods up there, threw a couple rifles up, and not your little, tiny rifles either, I have several shotguns, and I do not know what you refer to as a personal defense... but... it fits! A nice tactical shotgun, another shotgun, I had a twenty-two but the rifle rods are a little fat for the twenty two, so the twenty-two did not work out real well. But... that's fixable I am sure. But what the heck we are just playing here.

Anyway, thank you very much, have a good day if you did not see the first video go check out the first video. Thanks

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