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    CALL OUR SAFE EXPERTS AT 800-827-7534

    Liberty Presidential 25 Brand New with Light Scratches


    • We have a Liberty Presidential 25 Safe with barely noticeable scratches. This safe is brand new, never used and is in perfect operating condition. The Full 2 year warranty still applies to the safe as well as the lifetime burglary and fire warranty.  This safe has Liberty's Mirror Black Gloss Finish with Chrome Hardware and Silver Velour interior lining. This safe is located at 2130 Ward Ave Simi Valley, CA 93065.

      External Dimensions 60 ½”H x 30”W x 24 ¼”D
      (Add 3” to Depth for Handle)
      Internal Dimensions 53”H x 23 ½”W x 14”D
      Internal Cubic Feet 11.2
      Weight 1,021 lbs
      Burglary Rating UL RSC & CA DOJ Ratings
      Fire Rating 2.5 Hours at 1200° F
      • UL Listed RSC Residential Security Container Burglary Rating
      • 2 ½ Hours of Certified Fire Protection at 1200° F
      • Massive 5” Thick Door & 7 Gauge Steel Body
      • Twelve 1/2” Thick x 4” Wide Military Style Locking Bars
      • UL Rated Group 2 Mechanical Dial Lock
        • Electronic Lock Upgrade Available
      • GX-480 Monster Mech with Anti-Punch & Gear Drive Mechanism
      • Ball Bearing Hard Plate -Protects Against Drill Attack
      • Dual Re-locker - Protects Against Forced Entry Attempt
      • Palusol Heat-Expanding Door Seal
      • Made in USA
      • Available in Textured, Marble and Gloss Exterior Finishes
      • Fully Upholstered, 4-in-1 Flex™ Adjustable Interior
      • 5-Spoke Suretight Handle (Available in Multiple Colors)
      • Clearview Interior Light Kit Pre-Installed
      • Deluxe Electrical Outlet Kit
      • Velvet-Lined Jewelry Drawer
      • PEET Air-Circulating Dehumidifier
      • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Call  800-827-7534 for more information or to purchase.

    Liberty Rates this safe a Level 8 on their list for security and fire – their TOP LEVEL RATING!

    The Liberty Presidential 25 PX25 includes every upgrade available and is by far the top of the line out of all Liberty Safe products. With a 2.5 hour fire rating, top level-34 security and a myriad of high-end style and functional upgrades, if you are looking for the best, you just found it!

    Packing a whopping 131,000 BTUs and 2.5 hours of fire protection at 1200°, the Presidential 25 gun safe is practically fireproof. This rating is held up by the 5/8" layers of fire protection including 4 layers in the ceiling, walls and doorjambs with 2 layers of 1/2" and 2 layers of 5/8" in the door. Add on the Palusol heat activated door seal that is able to expand and stick to the door edge protecting internal contents from damaging heat and smoke and you have the ultimate peace of mind.

    When it comes to security, thieves’ shudder when they see the Presidential 25 PX25 gun safe. The massive 6" door contains 12 all active 1/2” Thick x 4” Wide Military Style Locking Bars, a ball bearing steel hard plate, thick 7 gauge steel body, a 1.5" composite door and the GX-480 Monster Mech with anti-punch and gear drive mechanism. The GX-480 is considered the smoothest and toughest gear-drive mechanism in the industry and it includes Liberty's #1 Sure-Tight slip-clutch handle that prevents torquing and breakage of the lock. In the event the burglar gets through all of this security, Liberty went ahead and added another 1/4" thick steel plate to the inside of the door just to make it even more difficult to get in.

    On the door of the Presidential 25, lies a UL listed S&G Group II mechanical combination dial lock with a day key that will allow you to go in and out without having to input the full combination in, how convenient. While this isn't a security feature, it can mean everything in terms of convenience. An Electronic Lock upgrade is also available.

    Now for the best part, Liberty's Presidential 25 safe finish and interior is what allows it to become the centerpiece of your living room. The high gloss Mirror Black paint rival the best of the best in the automotive industry and with a hand applied beveled edge and 5-point chrome wheel handle, the exterior will make you just want to sit and admire.

    Once you begin to open the door on the Presidential 25 Liberty safe, you'll notice the Clearview motion sensor light kit brighten up the interior and display the gorgeous rich pin-dot silver velour covering the full patented 4 in 1 flex interior. To enhance things further, the included premium door panel organizer is styled with Liberty's exclusive padded, diamond-sewn, pin-dot velour and will allow you to save shelf space and keep your most prized possessions organized and accessible. As if all this wasn't enough, the finishing touches are applied with an included premium jewelry drawer, electrical outlet kit and PEET dehumidifier that will circulate warm air throughout your safe through a natural convention process of rising heat and pushing down cold moist air to prevent the damaging effects of humidity.

    To top things off, Liberty offers a lifetime warranty on the Presidential 25 PX25 gun safe against attempted break-in and fire!

    This safe is truly fit for a President, no wonder they named it the Presidential Gun Safe!

    Please note: This item does NOT come with free shipping and is for local pickup. For delivery / shipping the safe to you, it will be on a per-quote basis. Please call the number below to be quoted delivery on this item.

    Call  800-827-7534 for more information or to purchase.