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    CALL OUR SAFE EXPERTS AT 800-827-7534

    AMSEC B24 Floor Safe with Slotted Door and Minor Paint Chips


    • This safe was shipped out and returned for being too small. It received some paint chips during shipping. It has been fully tested and operates in like new condition. This floor safe comes with an upgraded slotted round door. It has mechanical dial Lock installed. It is located at 2130 Ward Ave Simi Valley, CA 93065. Safe is sold as-is.

      Ext. Dimensions 13"L x 13"W x 19"D
      Int. Dimensions 12"L x 12 ½"W x 14 ½"D
      Interior 1.26 Cu Ft
      Door Clearing 7 ¼" in Diameter
      Weight 122 lbs
      Burglary Rating C-Rate
      • 1 ¾" Solid Steel STAR Lift Out Door
      • Three Solid Steel Locking Bolts
      • Dial Combination Lock
      • Hardened Steel Positive Relocking Bolts
      • High Impact Plastic Cover Plate
      • 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

    Call  800-827-7534 for more information or to purchase.

    Rectangular body floor safes provide just that with a large cubic inch capacity interior at a very attractive price.

    In terms of burglary protection, once encased in concrete, the continuously welded "B" Rate body of the AMSEC B24 floor safe is near impenetrable unless the burglar brought a jackhammer, entire crew of workers and has several hours of time.

    All that is left exposed is the door of the AMSEC B24 floor safe, which just so happens to be the unique advantage of the B24 floor safe. AMSEC decided to combine the advanced security of the "C" Rate solid steel lift-out doors typically found on the tubular body floor safes measuring 1 3/4 inches thick. These doors are securely locked using three solid steel locking bolts each requiring over 25,000 pounds to shear. Each bolt has its own hardened steel positive relocking bolt and with the removable dial and drive/drill resistant spindle, you'll be able to prevent damage from burglary attack, lock manipulation and have additional protection during a hold-up.

    While rectangular body floor safes require a greater amount of space for installation, this model in particular, the AMSEC B24 floor safe, is able to provide 1.25 cubic ft of space. The 14.5 inch interior height leaves plenty of room for your most important documents, passports, cash, jewelry and other valuables.

    To top things off, the "C" Rate door is protected by a high impact plastic cover plate with a rubber ring that does not rattle or slide off. Since the cover makes an "O" ring seal, the safe becomes water resistant which is the largest issue with floor safes in the event of a fire. It's not the fire that is the problem as smoke rises but the water from the hoses putting out the fire that damages the interior contents of floor safes. It's always recommended to place cash and other valuables in plastic bags to add additional protection from water damage while stored in your rectangular floor safe.

    American Security stands behind the B24 floor safe by offering a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

    While floor safes offer great security being easily hidden and surrounded by concrete, these same features also make them extremely susceptible to moisture problems. Keeping papers and valuables inside zip lock bags and Tupperware help when experiencing a fire or flood, humidity will still seep inside causing mildew and corrosion. We strongly recommend using a Lockdown Silica Gel Can to absorb this moisture and keep your valuables safe. It's a small, rechargeable unit that has a color indicator letting you know it's full and needs to be renewed. You should open your safe (especially after initial installation) frequently to assess moisture and check the silica gel. How often the units need recharging depends on your climate and how often you are in your safe. For any questions regarding humidity and moisture, give us a call at 800-827-7534.

    Please note: This item does NOT come with free shipping and is for local pickup. For delivery / shipping the safe to you, it will be on a per-quote basis. Please call the number below to be quoted delivery on this item.

    Call  800-827-7534 for more information or to purchase.