Protect Long Guns

"When it comes to Long Gun Protection you certainly get what you pay for. With Fire Ratings from 30 to 150 minutes and gun capacities that can store anywhere from 1 to 100 rifles, we carry a variety of reliable options that are truly built to last. Nearly all of our brands offer Lifetime Warranties, RSC Burglary Ratings, and U.L. Listed Locks to provide you the best protection for your most prized possessions."

John Dean
Owner, Dean Safe

Gun Safes

The most commonly known way to protect your long guns is with a Gun Safe. Our Gun Safe options range from the best of the best to the lowest price possible. With a gun safe you get both burglary and fire protection for your irreplaceable rifle and shotgun collection. Our fire ratings start at 30 minutes and go up to 2.5 hours. It's always recommended to get a fire rating much higher than you think you need, especially for places like California where wild fires can burn for hours at temperatures over 2000 degrees. When looking at a fire rating be sure to check both the time and the temperature it was tested. Several companies will test between 1200 to 1400 degrees which is typical for a standard house fire but with wild fires raging over 2000 degrees. In terms of burglary rated gun safes, we offer everything from the most basic CA DOJ rating to full size TL30X6 Gun Safes such as the AMSEC RF703626X6. The majority of the gun safes we carry for long gun protection are UL rated as a Residential Security Container RSC. These gun safes should be the minimum burglary protection you are looking at as they have been tested and successfully passed Underwriters Laboratories test for burglary resistance up to 5 minutes. Nearly all of our brands offer lifetime replacement warranties against break-in, attempted break-in and fire and parts and labor warranties. Each brand is unique so be sure to talk to one of our safe experts at 800-827-7534 to ensure you get the protection you need.

Gun Cabinets

Gun Cabinets are a great alternative to a full size gun safe when you don't need fire protection or burglary protection. Essentially, gun cabinets are thin steel lockers that offer basic protection. A determined thief will be able to break into these rather quickly and there is no fire protection. Some options are ideal for storing under the bed such as the AMSEC Defense Vault DV652 or the Fort Knox Shotgun Safe. These quick access cabinets are perfect for storing 1 or 2 rifles in a hidden space.

Vault Doors

When your long gun rifle and shotgun collection starts to grow beyond the capabilities of a standard gun safe or you want the space to double as a safe room in the even of an emergency or natural disaster, vault doors become the perfect option. Essentially they are the door of a gun safe but by itself and mounted in front of a concrete room. When surrounded by concrete, these vault doors offer excellent burglary and fire resistance. With several options to choose from such as Fort Knox, AMSEC and Liberty, we have a security solution for you. Vault Doors typically require a general contractor for installation and each door is unique in how it installs so please consult with one of our safe experts at 800-827-7534 before purchasing.

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