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Whether you're looking for the best quick access safe for your nightstand or a car handgun safe for transportation to the range, Dean Safe stocks the biggest and best selection of pistol safes on the market. Our thousands of handgun safe reviews have allowed us to refine our list to the best gun vaults available. With options like electronic lock handgun safes, biometric gun vaults, combination lock boxes and key lock safe boxes we have a safe for any and every need.

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Mechanical Lock Handgun Safes

Considered the most reliable option in handgun safes, Mechanical Lock pistol safes also known as combination lock boxes, are the premier choice for gun enthusiasts that want guaranteed access to their firearm when they need it most. With a mechanical lock, there are no batteries to replace or keys to lose, you'll have access to your handgun safe every time you need it. The most common type of mechanical safe lock is the Simplex mechanical lock with 1,081 possible combinations. This is the highest rated type of safe on the market today.

Electronic Lock Handgun Safes

Considered the best quick access handgun safe, Electronic Lock handgun safes are the best choice for the nightstand safe. With easy to change combinations and traditionally battery operated, you'll be equipped and ready in any home defense scenario. The Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe is a prime example of a quick access bedside safe with an easy to use 6 digit combination, spring loaded drop down door and speed reducer to prevent the door from slamming down giving credit to it's name: Stealth.

Biometric Lock Handgun Safes

Definitely the most fun option, Biometric Fingerprint handgun safes like the biometric gun vault are the latest and greatest in fingerprint safe technology. They can also be quick access safes like the Liberty HDX series with an opening speed of less than one second. New to the market are the Vaultek Safes that feature biometric fingerprint scanners along with multiple other methods of entry including, smart phone access, smart keys, electronic locks and key overrides. You'll never get locked out of your safe with a Vaultek safe.

Key Lock Handgun Safes

The most simple version of the handgun safe is the Key Lock Box . You simply insert a key programmed specifically to the lock on the safe and turn. It can't get any easier than that. This is another great option for the car or airline travel where quick access is not an important factor.

We stock only the best handgun and pistol safes from Stealth, Fort Knox, American Security, Liberty, GunVault, V-Line, Sentry, Stack-On, , and SnapSafe.

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