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"When it comes to Gun Safes you certainly get what you pay for. With Fire Ratings from 30 to 150 minutes and gun capacities that can store anywhere from 1 to 100 rifles, we carry a variety of reliable options that are truly built to last. Nearly all of our brands offer Lifetime Warranties, RSC Burglary Ratings, and U.L. Listed Locks to provide you the best protection for your most prized possessions."

John Dean
Owner, Dean Safe

From good gun safes to great gun safes to the best quality gun safes, Dean Safe stocks the very best gun safes from American Security, Liberty, Fort Knox, National Security, Rhino Ironworks and Winchester Safe. From Small Gun Safes to Large Gun Safes nearly our entire selection is Made in USA and constructed of the finest quality. Gun Safes from Tractor Supply, Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain, Costco and Wal-Mart pale in comparison to the Sturdy Gun Safes we carry. We offer close to wholesale pricing on our entire Gun Safe line and have the widest selection ranging from Liberty's Fatboy to the Tactical minded Gun Enthusiast. Whether you're looking for a rifle safe, shotgun safe or an all shelf interior, our customizable options allow you to make your safe exactly the way you want it. Looking for a safe that's even more secure? Check out our large selection of High Security Safes including, TL-15, TL-30, TL-30X6 and Vault Doors. You'll find only the best of the best on display in our three retail showrooms. located in Los Angeles, Ventura County and West LA, Santa Monica, Culver City. We truly are the top gun safe destination in Los Angeles County and all of Southern California. That's why they call us the Largest Safe Supplier on the West Coast.



    • Steel thickness is measured in gauges:
      • high gauge = thin
      • low gauge = thick
    • The thicker the steel, the longer it will take the get through:
      • More Steel = more security

    • The main function of the steel bolts is to make the door harder to pry open.
    • The longer, thicker, and greater number of bolts, the harder it will be to bend or break the safe door

    • There are two types of locks:
      • Electronic: Battery powered with 999,999 different combinations available.
      • Mechanical Dial: Secure but significantly slower to operate that their Electronic counterparts. Assistance of a locksmith is necessary to change combination.

    • The hardplate stands between the outside of the safe and the interior lock protecting the locking mechanism on the inside of the safe from being drilled.

    • A device designed to relock the safe causing all bolts to lock in place when the original lock is damaged or forcibly removed. Relockers act as your back-up security during an attack, prolonging a burglar's ability to get your safe open.


  • How many guns do you need to store?
    • Gun capacities are calculated by the manufacturers using a small standard size rifle with no optics or modifications. In current times, nearly everyone uses optics and modifications to their firearms making the gun capacity quantity far less than it can actually hold. We recommend buying much larger than you have as you do not want the firearms banging into each other either potentially causing scratches and damage to the optics.
  • Where do I want to put my safe?
  • Do I want to put more than just guns in my safe?


  • Fire Rating: A Fire Rating denotes the safe's ability to last through a fire and keep an internal temperature (inside of the safe) at less than 350°.
  • UL Rated: Burglary Classification Residential Security Container (RSC) signifies a combination or key locked unit designed to offer protection against entry by common mechanical tools. Performance tests are conducted against the entire unit. The basic standard used to investigate in this category is UL 1037, "Antitheft Alarms and Devices.
  1. An Anti-theft device, as defined by Paragraph 1.3, shall resist at least 5 minutes of attack that would defeat its purpose.
  2. Any disassembly of the protected property required to make it removable, is to be included in the 5 minutes of attack test.
  3. The tools used in the test are to include hammers, chisels, adjustable wrenches, pry bars, punches and screwdrivers. The hammers are not to exceed 3 pounds in head weight, and no tool is to exceed 18 inches in length.
  4. The product under test is to be mounted securely in its intended position, and the attack is to be carried out by one operator.

Need more help choosing the ideal Gun Safe for your needs? Check out our Gun Safes FAQ for more information or call 800-827-7534 to talk to one of our Safe Experts.