Amsec Clip-on Safe Light

Video Transcript:

Hi, I am Mary and I want to show you a new product we just got in from American Security Products. This is a light designed for the inside of your safe, and if your safe is anything like mine it can get really dark in there, so what this does is it lights it all up.

You have everything you need in this in the kit, the light, the batteries and instructions. But, I am going to show you how everything works today.

This is very cool because they just put it on the back of your door panel and this piece right here will fit right behind just about any door panel, as long as it is an exterior panel. So let's take a look at how it works.

Okay this is an inset door panel. It is inside the frame work in the safe door, so our little light will not fit on here, but let me show you a door panel it will fit on. Okay so here's our door panel and this will slide right in here and you know if it is a little bit tight here, most of the panels have some screws, so you just loosen those up a little bit, and that'll give you a little more clearance in the back here and then that just lets that slide in real easy.

Now you also want to be careful when you are placing this, so you are not right on the shelf, so you may need to either lower it or raise it a little bit. And then once you get it in place, just tighten your screws back down again so you get a good tight fit, and we are all set. Now just push the button and there we are.

Okay this is a different safe here, this is an American Security Products safe, and you'll notice that door panel here is much thinner but it's still on the outside of the frame, so our light will work perfect on here, and we just slide it right in there. Again get it all the way inside, so you get a nice snug fit. You again want to be careful you're lining it up above or below your shelf, so you don't have any clearance issues. And you just turn that guy on, and you can rotate this around to position the light whatever direction that you need.

Okay here we've got our little light all attached. Just press it and it comes on. Press it again, and it goes off. So we will push that on, and we've got our lights dimmed so that you can see just how much light this does put out, and again you can rotate this around to get any angle you like inside your safe. You can see that it does put a lot of light inside your safe. Thank you very much.

American Security Clip-On Safe Light
Reg Price: $49.99
Sale: $35.00



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