American Security DSF2014 Front Load Depository Drop Safe

American Security DSF2014 Front Load Depository Drop Safe
American Security DSF2014 Front Load Depository Drop Safe

In Stock Ships Same DayAmerican Security
Front Load Depository
Drop Safe


  • Outside dimensions: 20"h x 14"w x 14"d
  • Overall depth: 17 inches
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • *UL Key Lock - Special Order with Extended Handling Time
Item # AMC-DSF2014
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  • B Rated Construction
  • Three 1" Solid Steel Locking Bolts
  • 1/2" Thick Solid Steel Door
  • Formed Door Jamb for increased resistance to sledgehammer attack
  • Auxiliary Spring-loaded relocking device
  • Bolt detent system engages boltwork automatically
  • Lock and relock protected by large carburized hardplate
  • Pre-drilled holes to bolt the drop safe to the floor
  • Inside receiving capacity: 1513 cubic inches
  • *UL Key Lock - Special Order with Extended Handling Time

This sturdy, practical, hard-working cash drop will watch your receipts closer than your mom would.

Put a dead stop to theft or shrinkage with the AMSEC DSF2014. These safes are the absolute best choice for a heavy duty commercial environment.

Constructed with solid steel plates welded with continuous welds for all parts of the safe, these B-Rated drop safes are perfect for armored car services, restaurants, chain stores, convenience stores and government applications.

With a 1/2" thick A36 solid steel plate door, 3 1" solid steel live locking bolts, a bolt detent system, auxiliary spring-loaded relocker, large carburized hardplate and an anti-fish baffle, earning it's prestigious B-Rating was a piece of cake. The door jamb is also formed for increased resistance to sledgehammer attacks.

To ensure burglars don't just pick up the safe and walk away, it comes with 4 pre drilled mounting holes that will allow you to bolt the safe down.

This model in particular, the DSF2014 weighs 79 lbs and is one of the highest quality and toughest drop safes for it's size.

*UL Key Lock - Special Order with Extended Handling Time.*

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My name is John and I am with I want to take a few seconds to introduce you to two of our most popular drop safes. The DSF-2014 and the DSR-2014. These safes are ideal for any company that takes in cash, and wants to get it out of the register, and protection from hold up, if they've got a cash register. This is a type of safe they need. This uses a Group 2 combination lock, upgradeable to a digital. It has a detent system so that you can not throw the bolts and hurt it. It knows when the door is shut than a you can spin the dial. This saves a lot in hardware maintenance.

The purpose of this is, you make your deposits during the day, you throw them in the hopper, and the next thing you know they pop right down in the bottom. So that the book-keeper can come in, count the deposits, and go to the bank. I will show you a couple of variations of this. Here is one variation of this, this is the electronic high security lock, these are very popular for commercial usage because they are dependable, they are quick to change the combination, and you can open up the combination very easily. These are often put under counters, so you can get it into a confined space where is not a lot of light, and that is what makes these so good. So if you fire the manager, you can go in and in a matter of seconds change the combination on one of these. On a dial you have to call someone them pay them a hundred bucks and change to just get them to open it. So this is one variation that's very very popular, but reasonably priced option. But then when you close the door, it automatically locks and you do not have to spin the dial, that's a real, real nice feature.

Another option on the safe is what we call a reverse hopper. It looks the same in the front, but you spin it around, and here's your drop. It works exactly the same way, you put your property in there. This is good if you are going to go through a wall. That way you can have a like the bookkeepers office, this on the inside,the driver comes in and throws their money in there and the bookkeeper is on the other side, and she gets the deposit out.


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