Lockdown Safe Drawer

Lockdown Safe Drawer

Safe & Vault Drawer

Attaches Under Shelf

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Is your safe so full that you have limited shelf space? Lockdown's safe drawer mounts to the underside of any shelf (wide and deep enough to accomodate it) in your safe, thus adding valuable storage space.

The pull-out drawer is perfect for a variety of loose items just sitting around on a shelf in your safe. The wire form frame slides over any shelf up to one-inch thick and provides 11.5"w x 12"d x 2"h worth of previously unused space. There is a retaining bar that butts up against the tray's molded lip to keep the drawer from being pulled all the way out spilling, its contents all over the floor.

The best part? No tools are need to install. This handy drawer attaches to any safe shelf that is wide enough to hold it.

Product Dimensions: 14"w x 14"h x 4"d

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