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Lockdown Vault Anchor Kit

Vault Anchor Kit
Can Anchor Any Side In Any Location

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The components of the Lockdown Boltdown Anchor kit
Whether bolting to concrete, wood sub-flooring or a wood floor, this kit will do it for you.
Ease your fears of your safe disappearing with Lockdown's anchor kit. It comes with everything you need to anchor your safe into three separate structural applications - whether into a concrete slab or wall, a wood floor joist/stud, or subflooring.

Each different application requires a different set of hardware. This kit will cover it all. It contains drill bits that will drill wood, concrete, and masonry. It has concrete anchors, lag screws, fine thread bolts, washers, tamper-proof nuts and rubber caps. All in the same kit!

Securing your safe is very important. Any safe up to 750 pounds is considered "portable". A burglar doesn't care how much damage they do to your home or safe. If it is in the garage all they have to do is tie a chain around it and drag it away. If it is in the house, they can roll it end over end to get it out of the house. They will even take it to the top of the stairs and push it down doing damage to your home as well as to the safe. Keep your safe secure by bolting to the floor.

If you live in earthquake country it is also very important for your safe to be secured in case of an earthquake. As the ground shakes your safe has a tendency to fall over and can cause damage or injury if someone is near it. Keep your family safe in case of disaster.

Parts to use for different applications
The kit contains all parts to secure your safe to a wood floor, sub floor or concrete.
Kit contains:
  • One pilot hole drill bit
  • One combo drill bit
  • One masonry drill bit
  • Four concrete anchors
  • Four lag screws
  • Four M10 fine thread bolts
  • Four washers
  • Four tamper-proof nuts
  • Four rubber caps

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Lockdown Vault Anchor Kit