Acorn Pistol Holster

Acorn Pistol Holster
Acorn Pistol Holster
Acorn Pistol Holster

Velcro Pistol Holster

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Do you ever feel like you need a bigger safe?

Does it often seem that no matter which way you organize your valuables there just never seems to be enough space?

Imagine if you could clear off the shelves and have more room for those items that truly need to be on the shelf. Well good news, because now you can with the Acorn Velcro Pistol Holster. Our friends over at Acorn have come up with the perfect solution for storing handguns in your gun safe.

These clever Velcro Pistol Holsters allow easy accessibility and can be used anywhere there is a carpeted wall. You simply press the Velcro side against the carpet, stick your handgun inside and there you have it. Now how easy was that!

So forget the clutter on the shelves, no more marred finishes from weapons banging against each other, and no more stacking. Clean up your safe and have each and every gun readily available to grab and go with the Acorn Velcro Pistol Holster.


  • Acorn's Velcro pistol holders work on any safe with Velcro-friendly carpet on the walls or back of door.
  • Organize handguns with ease and without tools
  • Hook and loop material allows instant easy positioning and repositioning
  • Fits most pistols
  • Frees up shelf space
  • Top quality

"These were just what I was looking for. They hold up well
and hold the pistols securely to the door".

- Rob

"What a surprise - I ordered three gun safe pistol holsters and they were priced so very reasonably compared to other companies that I expected them to be inferior quality, but they are top-notch quality. Also, I ordered one afternoon and had them two days later. How is that for fast! I will certainly be a return customer for my other safe and shooting needs. Great experience".
- Sharon, Garland, TX

"The items I received were exactly as described, and worked perfectly, I really didn't think that they would hold the weight of my larger guns, but they have no trouble holding my 9 my 40 or my 45 on the inside of my safe door. Delivery time and service was great and I would not hesitate to buy from the seller again".
- Richard, Richmond Hill, GA

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